Before joining Front 242 in 1981, Brussels-based artists Patrick Codenys and Jean-Luc De Meyer began working together in 1978. This became Underviewer, a project created using a bass, synthesizers, rhythm boxes and a tape recorder.

With the introduction of analogue machines, the duo enjoyed the total freedom of tone and inspiration, although at the time there were many technical limitations and constraints. From musical experimental tracks to melodic and structured songs, Underviewer focused their creative approach on minimalist arrangements influenced by German bands including La Düsseldorf, Neu!, Can, and DAF.

Dormant for over 30 years, Underviewer has recovered 14 of these recordings from the original 4-track tapes; most recreated by using the same vintage machines, imperceptibly adapting them only where needed. These songs were finished in 2016 to form the debut album of a band that has existed for more than 38 years.

The album ‘Wonders & Monsters’ brilliantly renders the force and timeless melodic quality of music which belongs to everywhere and any time, never claiming to belong to any form of avant-garde. 14 songs swaying between fire and ice, carried by the distinctive and unique voice of Jean-Luc De Meyer, and fuelled by Patrick Codenys sharp and modern production style. Underviewer’s songs have that particular infectious charm and poppy catchiness that make them instantly accessible and addictive.